flagging a yellow taxi with a cuppa Starbucks on Wall St, New York City.

You’d be wondering, what’s Y O U T O P I A?

Well, if you google, it can be many different things. But I thought I coined this word because I didn’t google. My family’s name is You, yes You with the capital Y because I’m pretty YOUnique. 🙂 I titled my 21st birthday party YOUtopia, because I wanted everything to be ideal, at least form my perspective. YOU replaced U, beca – I’m sure you’re smart enough to figure it out. From then on, everything I love is youtopic to me – and that includes travelling.

You may have observed I have tried to make a noun, verb, and maybe an adjective out of this word. Sorry, occupational hazard – because I’m a linguistics & multilingual studies major in Singapore. (I kinda like my course name a lot, although employers don’t quite seem to agree) And no, don’t ask me how many languages I have to learn. I don’t need to, though I’d love to. I speak English, Mandarin Chinese and the Wu dialect (Shanghai). I’ve learnt some Japanese, French and Italian, and still trying to get a hang of them.

When not studying, I’ll either be (trying) earning money for my travel funds or spending the travel funds. Also, I’m a foodie. I may be a budget traveller on most occasions, I believe spending on food is necessary. Because food is a major part of the culture, so you have not experienced the destination’s culture until you’ve tried their local cuisine. E.g. poutine in Canada, xiao long bao in Shanghai or hainanese chicken rice in Singapore.

I’m a Shanghainese born and Singapore bred full time student. My first flight experience was in January 1996, when I was 3 years old. I’ve lived in Canada for 4 months during Winter 2013/14 and loved it there. And I always go for the window seat. 😉 This blog was created to share my adventures and hopefully, inspire more people to travel.

“Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown.”

Hi there, I’m Jing. Welcome onboard vessel no. YJ611, hope you’ll have a pleasant flight!