Hello blogosphere! Haven’t been able to update in awhile because work and travels got in the way. If you’ve been following me closely on Instagram, you would have known that I went to Europe recently for the 2nd time and explored some incredible places like Helsinki, Tallinn and… Iceland!

Taking my travels in film has been now a routine ever since I was in Canada for my student exchange back in 2014. And when it’s taken in Europe, it just made everything appear more romanticised. It’s not a bad thing though, I could imagine that’s how Europe looks like back in the mid 1900s, and that’s exactly the charm of Europe you can’t experience elsewhere. I shall let the photos do the talking:

Tallinn is just a quick cruise away from Helsinki. So if you ever find yourself in the Nordic country, I would highly recommend you to plan a day trip to Old Town of Tallinn, Estonia. It’s so charming I promise it’ll be a great day spent. Will be curating a guide on it soon with digital images, so stay tuned! x

keep travelling,