4th time in (and photographing) Tokyo and I’m not quite done. This city is so complicated that there are just so many elements of life you could see, observe, and snap them to convey a story. Of course everything has to be fast, ‘cos once the moment is gone, it’s gone forever. (sounds cliche I know) Unlike Fukuoka where it’s slow and laid back, Tokyo forces you to concentrate and be decisive when it comes to photographing on films. There’s no time for framing and proper composition. Sometimes you just snap and go, and hopefully that image helps you tell that certain story you’d wanted to. 

Never lose your curiosity.

Stock up some rolls of films and disposable cameras here. so, so pretty.

Love these VW camper vans, I seriously want one. And who could resist a pop up cafe in one of these?!

I love how the locals could just hang out at the neighbourhood of Jiyūgaoka during the weekend under the sakura trees. It was great weather. Everything was perfect in that moment.

Small vehicles like this are rare in Tokyo, but common in Fukuoka.

Bonjour Records

The main areas we’ve covered this trip to Tokyo were West of Tokyo – Meguro (just for the sakura!), Shibuya (including Daikanyama), Omotesandō, Harajuku, and Jiyūgaoka. More details of those in a digital post later, hopefully soon. So much of Europe left to cover!

Meanwhile I hope you enjoy the photos. x

keep travelling,