I initially planned to start off my Europe trip with a reflection post, but as life got busy so quickly (I flew back on a Sunday night and went back to work on Monday morning) that I had actually no time to reflect/digest anything. The only thing I did so far was to develop my 2 disposable cameras so here they are. They’ve turned out fine (yay) even though some weren’t aligned. But personally, I always love how film photos turn out despite their imperfections. If one of these photos were to be dark/blur/misaligned in the digital version, I would hesitate no less to try to salvage it or delete it. Film is definitely of another wavelength. I guess I’m biased, but I’m sure I’m not alone.

Rome was our first stop, and I didn’t expect much of it since 1) most people claimed Florence is better and 2) it’s a dangerous city with high probability of pickpockets. In fact, we were really fearful that we didn’t even dare to take out our phones from our pockets when we were walking. Even at the airport when waiting for my other friends to arrive from London, we met an Italian man who, too, was waiting for someone. We had a quick chat and all we took away with him was “Italy is a beautiful country, but it’s full of thieves.” Imagine the horror on our faces – we only arrived an hour ago!


Castel Sant’Angelo

Try their pistachio gelato, it’s amazing.

Piazza Navona

Pesto and truffle shopping at Campo de’ Fiori


Turns out… it’s better than expected. And Rome itself is stunning. I can’t decide if I like Rome or Florence better; Rome’s architecture is definitely more spectacular, so it’s a plus point (since I’m so in love with these historical buildings). Will I return? Definitely. But not summer, it’s another heat wave I can’t deal with.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the photos. x

keep travelling,