If you’re following me on Instagram, you probably have seen the Transiting in Shanghai video I recently created in the spur of the moment. So truth is, I finally decided to open up my iMovie (which btw took at least 2-3 minutes to load) on my macbook after a realllllly long time, probably 1.5 years? My macbook is getting old and laggy (happy 4 years!) and everything on my laptop now takes at least 1-2 minute to load (think chrome, photos, iTunes, and my dear iMovie). I kinda really hate the rainbow wheel now. While I’m trying really hard to save up for a new one, this has got to be it. Since I’ve been taking videos for every trip I’ve been, I thought I should do them some justice and let them see some light. My photos get uploaded very fast, of course, but these videos… I think I still have lots of footage since 3 to 4 years back, sitting in my Photos and have never visited since. Think videos where I spoke to the camera like a funny girl, trying hard to vlog and all. Ha.


Sorry I digress. So back to transiting in Shanghai; now I really don’t mind transiting there because 1) as long as I have access to VPN, 2) toilets in Shanghai airport is much cleaner than downtown, 3) the Starbucks outlet there is just awesome to chill at and 4) there’s family mart! Yay to onigiri, japanese milk tea and all those addictive junk food.

But really, don’t bother about eating “Shanghainese” food there, it’s hefty price tag and the taste really isn’t worth those RMB. I’ve tried their xiaolongbao there and it tasted really bad.

And if you’re there during the sunset, I promise the golden light won’t disappoint.

How about a mochi or two from Mochi Sweets? #NOMZ

I hope you enjoy the video.

keep travelling,