Kyoto – Arashiyama

Kyoto – Fushimi Inari Shrine

Kyoto was perfect for film – rustic, peaceful, raw and traditional. It’s too bad I was trying to save film for Tokyo, because I could have easily finished a roll just at Arashiyama. I have a newfound love for Kyoto during this trip – its characteristics and vibes are close to nothing I’ve experienced elsewhere in the other parts of Japan. Modernity touches this city in a way that sets this city in perfect balance. I guess the fun part of shooting film is that you have an excuse to shoot anyhow (candids, light leaks, not aligned etc), and the picture still turns out somewhat beautiful. Maybe it’s Kyoto, maybe.

The next time I’m going back to Honshu, I promise myself to spend a few nights in their traditional spaces (or ryokan) to allow myself a complete experience. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the photos. x

keep travelling,