The Arashiyama Bamboo Grove was indeed spectacular, but due to its increasing popularity, it has become difficult for visitors to enjoy its supposed peacefulness as it is. Instead, be prepared to be squeezed with, be annoyed by ignorant tourists, and receiving requests for photo-taking, of which you feel bad because none of the photos will turn out nice for that solo traveller due to the number of photo bombers in the background. Also, a quick disclaimer: the bamboo grove is not a huge area (if you had imagined it to be), so you’ll be done with it in less than an hour, taking into consideration that you’ll probably snap a few hundred photos. My favourite part of this place, in fact, was at the end of the bamboo grove/ forest, where I saw this standalone bicycle (1st picture) that came great as a photo opportunity. Bicycles are everywhere in Japan, and always, always positioned in a manner that help frame my photos really nicely. 😉

However, if you’re heading to Kyoto, definitely don’t miss this attraction. It’s still very photogenic and if you really hate the crowd, head over early so that you get the whole place to yourself. I guess it’s all about dedication, eh? Also, your journey at Arashiyama shouldn’t end here. More on that next week, so wait for it! xx

keep travelling,