Welcome to Hong Kong’s hipster paradise – Wan Chai. As much as the name sounds too corny and chinese-y, this area in Hong Kong Island is lined with hipster cafes, boutique stores, indie stores (I reckon that’s why The Monocle Shop is here), and then some. Of course, what’s Hong Kong without their cha chaan teng? Well, there are a few good ones here you don’t want to miss!

So if you’re looking to explore Wan Chai while in Hong Kong, here’s a quick route/ guide for you:

Window shopping (or be really tempted to buy things) at Sun Street

Not forgetting the Moon Street

And of course there’s also Star Street!

I’m not kidding they’re just adjacent to each other (check google maps for yourselves!)

Then you could walk further down to The Monocle Shop on St Francis Yard


Also based on your interests, you may or may not want to visit the following:

  • Ratten furniture shops along Queen Road East
  • Spring Garden Lane for offload garments
  • Wan Chai Computer Centre for the tech geeks on Hennessy Road
  • Tai Yuen Street for the toy collectors

Otherwise, stuff yourself silly at some of the best cha chaan teng in Wan Chai:

You may choose to grab some chicken pies at Kam Fung Cafe (near Spring Garden Lane and Tai Yuen Street)

Then proceed to Honolulu Coffee Shop for the best egg tart & milk tea combo (near Wan Chai Computer Centre)


And finally end off at Capital Cafe for a good alternative to Australian Dairy Farm (it’s said that they sell the same sets) for your Hong Kong scrambled eggs and macaroni soup fix.


These would definitely keep you occupied (and bloated) for one whole afternoon, so just hop over to Times Square for some shopping thereafter!

keep travelling,