Fukuoka, the ramen capital of Japan, is one Japan gem I’ve finally gotten to explore. I spent full weekend there during the period of early sakura blooms. It’s fast developing, and play the role as the key city in the Kyushu prefecture. Despite going there during a supposedly peak season, there were almost no international tourists around, and probably lots of domestic travellers. The crowd was perfect – it never gets too crowded yet it’s not too lonely. I love it there.

Hakata Station Railway Terrace

Ōhori Park/ Maizuru Park/ Fukuoka Castle Ruins

Kushida Shrine


With 3 days in Fukuoka, it was a pity I didn’t manage to snap more in film because I wanted to ration 27 shots for 10 days in Japan. It wasn’t until the last night in Fukuoka when I walked into Lawson at Tenjin area and discovered that they sell disposable camera (39 shots) for half the price in Singapore. I WENT CRAZY and bought the only 2 left on the shelf. I wish I had captured more of Fukuoka in film though.

Meanwhile, I hope Kyushu is coping well with the recent earthquake. Sending love over from Singapore, xx.

keep travelling,