They always say, the best and most exciting moments are the unplanned ones. And this particular trip from Toronto to Niagara Falls and finally Buffalo could certainly attest to that.

2 years ago, I spent a good 24 hours in Buffalo, NY after walking over from Canada to USA, of which I also had a very eventful night the day before. (Read: Almost Sleeping on the Streets of Niagara Falls) We reached Buffalo on a fateful Sunday, which happened to be the eve of St Patrick’s Day. We weren’t aware of how dead quiet an average city in America could get on Sunday, given that I’ve only been to New York City and Los Angeles prior to this trip. All we wanted out of this trip to have a taste of the original buffalo wings… and that’s about it.

Where are them humans at?!

But of course, our mission was accomplished immediately after we’ve settled down in our airbnb:

And this is from Anchor Bar, who claimed that they’re the home of the original Buffalo wings. Fun fact: original buffalo wings are eaten with celery, eeks! But who knew?

To put things into context, we had this meal quite late at night, but the restaurant was packed. However… there was almost no one walking around outside the place; it was literally a ghost town. It has always puzzled me since I’ve lived in big cities all my life. I mean, where has all the residents gone to?  Most people drive, but because there’s almost no shops opened other than food places, you could imagine how dark and empty it was outside. It was just like the little city I lived in Canada where Sundays are basically stay-home days. So after we were done with the meal, we took the train back to our airbnb (it was my first stay btw!) which is in the residential area. We were totally in for the authentic local experience.

How pretty are these houses?! Each one are built differently and so cute!

Fast forward to the next day, things got a bit more fun. We checked out of our lovely Parisian room, and went around exploring Buffalo in the morning and afternoon before our greyhound bus was due. This time, we finally saw more humans appearing on the streets, even though it was just a Monday! By noon, the crowd on the streets got rowdy and all high with people cheering and drinking. And before we even realised, we were heading to the St Patrick’s Day parade! Yup we totally didn’t know St Patrick’s Day falls on March 17, oops.

Ahh my favourite cereal!

The people were such fun and into the festive spirit that we couldn’t help but join in. Well, I did at least, with my funky tall green hat.

Here we go, carrying our bags (damn my duffle bag was sooo heavy – can you see how fat that is!) and parading with the locals. These are also my favourite self portraits taken during my travels so far.

While I can’t find a better way to put this, here’s one of my favourite travel quote:

“Travelling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

Keep your travels going, for these are the memories that you’ll look back later and thank yourself for and be grateful about. 10 years down the road, you’ll probably reminisce more about that trip where you had the most satisfying poutine in Montreal, or witnessed the frozen Niagara Falls, than that new shoe or bag you bought for that latest season.

Meanwhile, it’s time to down some green beers and go party! I hope you have a good day. x

keep travelling,