Autumn is my favourite season after Winter, mainly because of the red leaves and comfortable sweater weather. But unfortunately for the most part of my life, Autumn wasn’t a season for students to travel because there were no school holidays at all. So right after I’ve graduated in Summer, I jumped at the opportunity to travel during my birthday month (yay to birthday leave!) and in hopes of seeing some beautiful autumn leaves.

Our family friend gave us some options for places to see these autumn leaves, so we went ahead with Qixia Mountain in Nanjing because the pictures on the internet looked SO BEAUTIFUL and MAGICAL. Just click in to see for yourselves. But I should have known reality better 🙁 However, early Dec is really supposed to be the time where these leaves are the most beautiful… maybe just not in Nanjing?

Also found this swing hanging from the tree made of real branches. I mean, how is it there?!

Some parts of the mountain was indeed beautiful, but not to the extent that it covers the entire landscape, which was what I had in mind.

This hike was definitely memorable because I had a great fall (pun unintended) while climbing one of those slippery rocks. No idea how the rest did it, but it was certainly bad for me. And I had that huge bruise on my knee cap for a good 2 months, of which I even developed rashes on it thereafter due to the dry weather. And thanks but no thanks to the “sparse” autumn leaves, every group of them I see had to become a photo opportunity. After all, I did travel all the way to Nanjing just to see them, so that’s justified right? Right.

keep travelling,