A weekend in Shanghai brought me back to the city where my dad had pursued his university degree. Going to Wuxi has never crossed my mind, but when my uncle suggested bringing my grandparents and I there for a day trip, I was like sure, why not? The decision was made and I told my dad about it, of which he got surprisingly excited and told me a list of food to try and places to see. Sadly, we had only enough time to visit the Lingshan Scenic Park and not the downtown area which was nearer to his university and the Lake Tai. It was nevertheless one eye-opening trip for me where I finally experienced what a crowded Chinese tourist destination is like.

Before that, I still managed to take some scenic shots with no tourists, which was quite a challenge.

And now this is what reality was like:

This place is huge, almost like a maze, with crowds as large as those you see in Disneyland. I couldn’t deny it was beautiful though. I’d like to go back again, and this time, to properly taste the Wuxi xiaolongbao (steamed pork buns) that could compete with the famous ones in Shanghai for its taste. If you don’t know, the ones in Wuxi have its meat marinated with soy sauce, so it has a stronger taste. I only managed to try the ones sold in the park, so it was pricier and probably not as good as those in the neighbourhoods. Till then!

I hope you like the photos. You can read my other day trip from Shanghai to Chongming Island too. 🙂 x

keep travelling,