Despite the thousands of attractions and the endless things to check out in Tokyo per se, tourists would always hope to see ‘more’ (well, it’s subjective) of Japan by going for day trips to escape the Tokyo grind. Yokohama is one of those side trips you can take without having to spend a night out of Tokyo given it’s only less than an hour away. Here’s a sample itinerary that you could follow if you’re thinking of heading there:

1. Shinyokohama Ramen Museum^

ramen museum

First thing in Yokohama: have a good ramen brunch! A stone throw away from the Shinyokohama Station, this ramen museum is perfect for a family get together. Its interiors follow a Showa Era theme, and has 9 ramen restaurants for you to choose from. Best of all? Each stall sells a mini portion of their featured dish, so you get to try different ones before your pants become too tight! 😉 You can also learn about the ramen history in this retro space. More details are available on their English website.

Cost: 310 yen for adults; 100 yen for primary school children/senior citizens

Nearest Station: Shin Yokohama

2. Yokohama Museum of Art*

art museum

If you’re a museum goer, you should definitely check this out – unless time is tight or your travel partners are not keen enough. But nevertheless, you can get updated on their current exhibitions on their English website here.

Cost: 500 yen for adults; 300 yen for high school & college students; 100 yen for junior high students

Nearest Station: Minatomirai Station

3. Minatomirai 21


If you’re skipping the Yokohama Museum of Art, then just hang around Minatomirai 21 area. Minatomirai 21 means Future Port of the 21st Century, and was named by their residents based on what they envision this place to be. There is a huge shopping mall, a theme park opposite and there’s…

4. Cup Noodles Museum^


Yup, the cup noodle museum. Just opposite the ferries wheel, you could see the cup noodles museum with a road sign of their own. I personally love cup noodles so it was kinda my main motive for going to Yokohama, but you can skip this if you’re not a fan. Unlike the ramen museum, there’s no various cup noodles to try from but a place to customise your own cup noodles.


You’ll also get to make chicken ramen from scratch in their Chicken Ramen factory, but only available for reservations. More information on their brochure here.

Cost: 500 yen for adults; free for high school children and younger

p/s if you’re a college student, you could dress less maturely and could pass off as a student! 😛

5. Osanbashi Pier


After you’re done with customising your cup noodles, head over to the Osanbashi Pier further down for a good view of Yokohama! Pretty instagrammable, I would say. 😉

6. Yokohama Chinatown


You then end the day by heading to the biggest Chinatown in Asia – yes right smack in Yokohama! Contrary to popular belief, there are actually very few Chinese living there right now, as opposed to 150 years ago. This place was unexpectedly picturesque and really well maintained! Just look at these streets:


or maybe these cute little dogs,


and finally have dinner at one of these restaurants


It wasn’t bad, but the real deal is always better. 😉

Cost: free

Nearest Station: Motomachi-Chukagai Station / Ishikawachō Station

7. Sankei-en*


This is a traditional japanese styled garden and would definitely worth a visit during the cherry blossom period, while winter might be a little harsh. You might even think you’re in Kyoto! If you’re looking at a day trip, then this might not be suitable as it’s quite far off from the rest. So time yourself well if you’re interested to get to this place as well!

Cost: 500 yen

Nearest Station: Negishi Station followed by a 10 minute bus ride (54, 58, 99, 101 or 108) to Honmoku

^ either/or
* optional

p/s if you want to squeeze everything in this list in, it might be better to go from #7 to #1 instead, since Sankei-en closes at 5PM. 🙂

how about you? have you been to Yokohama?

keep travelling,


  • Oh this all sounds so great! I’m traveling to Japan in March and cannot WAIT to visit some of these places! Good ramen is a must!

  • Hi Amanda, glad this is of help! 😉 Have so much fun in Japan, it’s my favourite country! x

  • Great post! Going on a day trip to Yokohama in the near future so this is perfect for the planning! 😀

  • Thanks Anette! I hope you’ll have fun! xx