nami island photo diary cover

Entry visa to Nami Island

Nami Island Immigration

River Line



Where to?

Chilling by the fire


Winter forest

Nami island

Iced igloo

Winter scenes

Lunch outdoors, anyone?

Best outdoors meal, ever.

Because it's freezing

More snow

Unicef Hall


Winter Colours

Winter Routes

Frozen River


Bad Hair Day

Nami Island


Namiseom, or more commonly known to tourists as Nami Island, was my first adventure out of Seoul, and damn, it was definitely worth the travel time. Famous for their beautiful tree lined pathways, lovers and friends alike go there for a day trip out of the city. It is so picturesque in winter (and I think autumn too), so go all out to brave the cold while you’re there! We spent more than 4 hours there and still couldn’t sweep the entire island, which is insanely huge with many, many photo points. Some tourists were there for the Winter Sonata drama‘s attractions, but it was just a tiny section of the whole island. We had our first outdoor dining experience in subzero weather, which made eating ramyeon (korean instant noodles) even more appetising than ever. But be careful, your hands would be at shivering while you warm your tummy. Unforgettable? Yes. Would I try again? Maybe. 😉

I hope you like the photos; it was so difficult to pick out photos for a blog post because everything was just so beautiful. On another note, I’ve created my first travel video diary for my recent Seoul adventure. Take a look and I hope you like it. 🙂

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