How do you usually decide which hotel to stay at? For me, it’s always about the location and the price. I’m almost never loyal, because convenience and budget are more important to me, given my financial status as a student. But… there’s this particular hotel chain that made me want to go back. And the reason for going back? Not the service. Not the hotel beds. Not the rooms. Not that it’s cheap. But because of:

their mouthwatering welcome Cookie.

No kidding, their cookie is really yummy I wonder how and why!!! If you’re one of the lucky ones yesterday outside ION, Singapore to receive the Cookie by the DoubleTree by Hilton KL team, you’ll realise how yummy their cookies are.

My first and only stay with DoubleTree by Hilton was at Niagara Falls, ON due to an unfortunate turn of events. Well, I’m glad it happened now! 😉 It started like this:

We were at our supposed booked hotel to check in at about 11.45PM, only to realise that I actually booked the wrong date. Oh the horror! There were bigger rooms available that obviously cost much more, so my friend and I rejected the said hotel, and went around looking for other options. However, after walking around with our luggage for half an hour or so, we realised there were no more budget hotels left for us. 🙁 The only available options were the luxurious hotels and we couldn’t afford them even for a night. (read: Embassy Suites – which even offered us a 50% discount!) My friend even suggested sleeping outdoors for a night and walk to USA the next day! (Oh I wish I was that adventurous but I really wanted to have a good shower after skiing the entire day at Blue Mountain resort)

So… we tried to go back to the said hotel and by the time we went back, they became fully booked! Double the horror. Thereafter, I became quite desperate and went into Hilton Hotel to ask for available rooms. And they, too, were fully booked for the night! Just before I started mentally preparing myself to sleep outdoors for the night, the service crew suggested DoubleTree by Hilton hotel which is about 10 minutes walking distance away. To avoid further disappointment, I asked them to call the hotel for us to check for available rooms – and finally a yes! However, they only do walk-ins so we had to rush over quickly.

It was almost 1AM when we got there to check in, with our bodies tired from a day of travelling and skiing, which ended with a frantic night of hotel hunting. And the best thing that happened was… that welcome cookie. Oh, how you’ve made me so happy! I was so quick to gobble down that I was only left with this when I remembered to take a picture:

And, I guess it wasn’t a bad idea to treat ourselves to a night of luxury stay once in awhile (though this was forced by circumstance).


Though it wasn’t the best of views (the Falls are to the right), but I was so happy about that bed. It was the only hotel bed I had to myself out of all my travels across North America; I was always sleeping in hostels or squeezing with my friends on hotel beds (i.e. 3 people on 1 bed), so this stay was like a highlight for me. :’) Ah, don’t we all enjoy some luxury from time to time, especially when it’s bittersweet?

Anyway, after a good night’s rest (though we wished we could stay in bed longer), we proceeded to check out and…DSC05680
asked for 3 more cookies! Oops. Thankfully the service crew was really nice and gave us without any charges. 😀 Nevertheless, if you’re not as thick-skinned* as us, you can purchase these cookies from their café too. 😉


And if you’re in Ontario, remember to try butter tarts! It’s a local specialty. We got one from the hotel’s café which was good too.

I’m sure we all faced such situations from time to time when we travel, but you never know if these unfortunate events could turn out to be a delightful surprise. Here’s my version, what’s yours? 🙂

keep travelling,


*thick-skinned is a direct translation from Chinese, meaning varies based on context, but generally means insensitive to others’ needs and feelings, or not easily offended.

  • What a lovely story. I’d want all the hotels I stay at to offer me a cookie as well 🙁

  • hahaha thank you! 🙂 I wish too! But I guess it’s the differentiating factor, and what made this particular hotel chain stand out 🙂 give it a try some day!

  • I will for sure. Thank you for the “cookie hint” 🙂