My 4 months stay in Canada has been nothing short of amazing. This country is underrated. And underrated is an understatement. Canada is so beautiful; the place and the people. I’ve read many travel blogs before I finally started one myself, and I realised many people who have been travelling around the world, haven’t been to Canada. This, in my opinion, is such a pity. Travellers love Europe’s historical architecture, crave for the exotic and tropical experience in South East Asia, and like going USA… because it’s USA. I’m not sure how to start introducing Canada, but I thought Niagara Falls would be appropriate since it’s at the Canada/USA border. I’ll slowly work my way in. 🙂

Located in Southern Ontario, the Niagara River, which separates Canada from USA, consists of three waterfalls – Horseshoe Falls (right at the edge), American Falls (in the middle) and Bridal Veil Falls (the smallest one). You must visit this place if you go to Ontario (Canada) / New York (USA).

American Falls, 5 January 2014 SONY DSC pop of colour to the otherwise gloomy winterSONY DSC
there were no one else around 
Horseshoe Falls (Maid of the Mist)

I went on two separate occasions, the first on 5 January before the commencement of my exchange programme at UWO, London, ON, and the second on 14 & 15 March. The photos above are from my first visit when I was with my parents; it was really cold and gloomy, but it was good because we had the whole place to ourselves. Peaceful and beautiful.

SONY DSCAmerican Falls, 15 March 2014IMG_2728 The Horseshoe Falls’ mist will get you really wet (you may want to prepare a raincoat/umbrella)SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

The second time I went was during my friend’s Spring break, but due to the polar vortex, it was still Winter! This year’s winter was exceptionally long and cold – so much so that the Falls became ice. C’est magnifique. I’m so fortunate to have witnessed that but unfortunate to have experienced that. I’m not sure about you, but I thought the half frozen Falls was more beautiful than normal. 🙂 More amazing photos here.

We also witnessed the night view of the Niagara Falls but they weren’t as beautiful as I expected. The night photos from the link above were definitely edited, because the colours weren’t as vivid and they look like dull blocks of colours shining on the Falls. Nevertheless, if you happen to stay there for a night, you could go check it out and you be your own judge. 🙂

IMG_2760 IMG_2765
On a side note, I saw this old lady alone and taking photos of the Falls from afar. She reminds me a little of my grandma. She couldn’t understand me when I asked her if I could take a photo of her in English. But she smiled, so I guess it’s a yes. She’s so adorable.
IMG_2769 Could you sense our excitement? It was my first time crossing a border by foot!IMG_2770

It costs only 50 cents (2 quarters) to walk from Canada to USA, or vice versa, via the Rainbow Bridge. You may drive in as well, but it costs $1.50 + your petrol money. Why not try walking? The customs are at the USA side. It’ll be more worth it if you use Canadian quarters since CAD is smaller than USD (#cheapthrills)! We spent quite awhile crossing the bridge thereafter because we were too excited. Yes, taking selfies took up the bulk of the time. 😉

IMG_2775 IMG_2777 SONY DSC

Me being the Canada representative and my friend being the USA’s (‘cos we were doing exchange in these countries respectively)SONY DSC
And finally, at Niagara Falls, NY! 

The view from the USA side wasn’t as magnificent as the view from Canada’s side, but you’d be able to see the “source” of the Falls and it’s quite cool as well.


The immigration at the Rainbow Bridge was quick and hassle-free, so it was good for us. Just remember to bring your documents if you’re going elsewhere to stay in the USA, and of course your visa/N-95. We were heading to Buffalo thereafter, which was accessible via a local public bus. More on that next time. Till then!

keep travelling,